(bozal [bosál]< bozo < Latin bucceus 'from the mouth,' and -al 'pertaining to')
   New Mexico: 1844. A rope; a leather, or rawhide halter; or a metal ring that fits around the nose of a horse and is used as part of a hackamore in place of a bit. It can also refer to the rope used for such a halter. A bosal is often used when breaking a horse or riding an unruly horse. The DRAE gives several definitions for bozal, but notes that in the Americas it refers to a rope that, when tied to the neck of an animal, functions as a halter. In Spain, the more common term is bozo. Santamaría expands on the definition found in the DRAE and indicates that a bozal is made by loosely looping a rope around an animal's neck and securing it with a knot, then tying the rest of the rope around the horse's nose, using the end as a single rein.
   Alternate forms: bonsal, bosaal, bozal.

Cowboy Talk. A Dictionary of Spanish Terms. . 2013.

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